Jean Carlu

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Jean Carlu (Bonnières, France, 1900 - 1997) war ein französicher Grafikdesigner, spezialistiert auf das Posterdesign. Er stammte von einer Familie von Architekten.

Sein Bruder zum Beispiel war für die Architektur des Palais de Chaillot in Paris verantwortlich. Jean Carlu gestaltete eine ganze Reihe von Propaganda Poster im Zweiten Weltkrieg, um eine Steigerung der amerikanischen Produktion zu promoten.

Jean Carlu started his carreer as a professional poster-designer in 1919, after a competition by a producer of dentalaids (Glycodont) in 1918. From 1919 until 1921 he served as an illustrator, after which he worked at an agency that designed advertisements. In that period he designed his first poster in art deco style (for The Kid by Charlie Chaplin). He was attracted by cubism and by the works of Juan Gris and Albert Gleizes. He was one of the first who realised that to fix a trademark in the minds of consumers a process needs to be gone through in which schematic forms and expressive colours are applied. These are the exact marks that give his posters and other works their distinghuishable quality. The fame of Carlu rests mainly on two posters: for Monsavon and for the Théâtre Pigalle. He also designed a pioneering label for the 1924 vintage of Château Mouton-Rothschild